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Imouto sae Ireba ii V1-C13

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Go to hell tax reporting Authors are basically considered self-employed. All self-employed persons are to report their income and expenditures between January 1st and December 31st, affirm the total earnings. This is tax reporting. The period of tax reporting would be in the following year,

Imouto sae ireba ii chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Now there is a boy friend too “Sup, the handsome guy’s here.” It was evening. While Itsuki remained holed up in his room, working, the bell rang, followed by a shameless line from outside. Itsuki scowled as he opened the door. That line itself was terrible, but the person standing the

Imouto sae Ireba ii Chapter 3

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There are all kinds of college girls. Hashima Itsuki dropped out of college during his first year so he didn’t have many acquaintances from those years. Now, he keeps contact with only one of them. Her name is Shirakawa Miyako. 20 years old, in her 2nd year of college. Same age as Itsuki, she too

Imouto Sae Ireba ii Chapter 1

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The Light Novel author is a crazed siscon! "Onii-chan wakie wakie~" I opened my eyes to the gentle voice, and before me stands Alice, completely naked. Turning 14 this year, my imouto Alice, with silky golden hair atop a face of dazzling red pupils not unlike a ruby, a truly indescribable bea

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