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Imouto Sae Ireba ii (妹さえいればいい/If only I had a little sister) is a light novel series written by Hirasaka Yomi and illustrated by Kantoku, it is the latest work of the author that brought you Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Currently the series has 7 volumes, first published March 18, 2015 under the la


Afterword There was this episode in the ‘Space Brothers’ manga. When the protagonist was younger, he talked about space with his friends, and everyone was really down about it. When he grew up to talk about space with his fellow astronauts, no matter how crazy the topic was, they were able to cha

“This isn’t too difficult for an author, and I didn’t really refine it.” Nayuta answered without showing much concern, “…Really?” Miyako exchanged looks with Itsuki and Haruto. “…If you ask me whether I can do it, the answer is yes.” “I can, I really can, but I won’t be saying it in front o

Tsukiko: This damage isn’t much. You alright, little sis? Sen: Th-thanks brother… Tsukiko: It’s the older brother’s job to protect the little sister…ah, I’m the older sister now[96] Miyako: My turn now…anyway, let’s use a potion to recover all of Chihiro-kun’s HP. Miyako used the potio

“The battle shall be held on this ten x ten square map. Including enemies, there’ll be ‘movement’ and ‘actions’ starting from the character with the highest agility, and the objective is to win. ‘actions’ basically mean attacking using the stats given on the character sheets, or use items to heal. A

After the player characters were set, Haruto, being the GM, played the BGM (of a famous RPG) from his smartphone, and recited the prologue he prepared. And so, the story of the four sisters began.[83] GM: On a small country at the Westernmost end of the Chronica Continent, the kingdom of Gagagia.

Chronica Chronicle 1 “…I want to play a TRPG.” On a certain night, Haruto, cooped in the kotatsu of Itsuki’s apartment, was flipping through the ‘Grand Crest Replay’ when he suddenly mentioned this.[69] “TRPG?” Itsuki, engrossed in his draft at the table, asked, “Itsuki, you do know

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Go to hell tax reporting Authors are basically considered self-employed. All self-employed persons are to report their income and expenditures between January 1st and December 31st, affirm the total earnings. This is tax reporting. The period of tax reporting would be in the following year,


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About this author, Kani Nayuta. “‘The reason why novels are created and read, is because it is a form of protest to life, which can only be lived once’. This quote came from Kitamura Kaoru, but one aspect of Kani Nayuta’s ‘Scenery’ series is basically, ‘for the author to experience a different life


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Valentine’s EX (For Fuwa Haruto with a Tsundere Little Sister) On February 14th, while the sky was about to darken. Haruto escaped from the drunk Toki Kenjirou, left Itsuki’s room, and returned home, scenting upon a sweet smell. It was the same smell he came upon in Itsuki’s apartment—the s

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