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There was this episode in the ‘Space Brothers’ manga. When the protagonist was younger, he talked about space with his friends, and everyone was really down about it. When he grew up to talk about space with his fellow astronauts, no matter how crazy the topic was, they were able to chat so passionately, and he was really gracious about it. There are times when I discuss novels, manga, video games and other form of entertainment with my fellow authors, and end up feeling the way as the protagonist of that manga. Other than very normal topics[133] like the hearts of the characters, what the author wants to convey through the work, every prayer or shout in every line or scene, how the scene is depicted, how amazing the character build is, whether ‘push’ or ‘knock down is better, whether ‘draft’ or ‘manuscript’ is better, ‘unko’ or ‘unchi,[134] “There’s the term ‘panties’ at the opening of this work, and though ‘panty’ feel more comical, will Itsuki actually use the term ‘panty’?”[135] and others, there are some topics that aren’t helpful at all, like “Which one gets people turned on more, fully naked or half naked?”, “The servant I came up with.”[136], “If I’m summoned to a different world as a world.”, adults of various ages are able to be so enthusiastic about them. Nobody will say stuff like “It’s just a light novel, why so serious?”, “It’s just a manga, why so serious?”, “It’s just an anime, why so serious?”, “It’s just a fictional work, why so serious?” and stuff. It’s because everyone gets too serious talking about stuff that there are situations of people fighting, and even my hands tapping at the keyboard are stained in blood. Going fully naked is the best.[137] Why can’t others understand? That’s why all pretty girls have to be shown in their original state…

“Don’t take your hobby as a form of work, because you won’t be able to simply enjoy your hobby.” This can be considered a common saying, and it does have its logic. Once work begins, it’s never easy, and whatever we encounter may not be all smooth sailing. A love comedy that can be read with relaxed feelings[138] is produced by the vomited blood of the author. I do often encounter many situations of such people who knew of such a truth and couldn’t laugh heartily. However, some new perspectives are only obtained through starting work. It is an interesting to share our thoughts with people with the same perspectives. Whether it’s space or novels, it’s a wonderful thing to find something we really like and use it as work, even if there are many negative elements in them.[139] I nearly got crushed by the unpleasant reality, but surely I’m able to continue struggling on this world because I like the ones I know on this world, the people I could only know of by living here, more than light novels themselves.

I’m more serious about fictional stories—I really do treat the courage and justice and infatuation and love and friendship and dreams and hopes and kindness depicted in the stories with much seriousness—it is a wonderful thing to interact with such abnormal yet interesting people, and I shall continue to deal with fictional stories seriously. In this sense, the story of ‘If only I have a little Sister’ is a selfish love letter of about a hundred thousand words that’s without much point. Of course, this is a fictional piece of work that has nothing to do with actual people and organizations. However, emotionally, it is a real story. I hope readers can obtain a little joy from this book.

colleagues who helped to publish this work, everyone who was willing to write recommendations, and the many readers who help support this book and my prior works. And also to the friends who always joined me, my drinking buddies and colleagues, thank you for participating in my life. I would have been too shy to say such words if not for this occasion. Please continue to take care of me.

L. O. V. E!

From the silver haired fully naked pretty girl author, Hirasaka Yomi.[140]

Take note: When playing TRPGs, unless every player during a session is a friend of yours, any dirty jokes and sexual harassment is to be kept to the minimum. Go all out when playing, but please don’t forget to limit yourself while enjoying the game!


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