Imouto sae ireba ii V1-C14 part2

After the player characters were set, Haruto, being the GM, played the BGM (of a famous RPG) from his smartphone, and recited the prologue he prepared. And so, the story of the four sisters began.[83]

GM: On a small country at the Westernmost end of the Chronica Continent, the kingdom of Gagagia. Four adventurers arrive at the border town of Aegis, a three days’ journey from the capital. The four sisters are born to powerful nobles of a certain country, left home due to their hatred of the power struggle in their family and the officials…and became adventurers. Now then, everyone, please introduce your character.

(Tsukiko) Itsuki: I’m the second sister of the Midfields, Tsukiko. This amazing looking sword and the silver armor and shield are all stolen from home. I’m a pretty swordswoman with long black hair, I have different color eyes, red on the right and blue on the left. Besides the chest, armor and waist, I’m dressed in light equipment, there’s a large patch of white skin exposed on my belly, my upper arms are showing skin, and at the lower body, my legs are bared. My interest is egosurfing. My likes are little sisters, books, Belgium beer, prawns, whale sharks, owls, salt roasted deep sea fish and sweetfish, spring rolls. What I hate are the big idiots at Amazon… idiots who think everything is a self-insert, 2ch’s Hashima Itsuki’s discussion threads, matome sites and the users there who keep saying nonsensical stuff like ‘light novels nowadays are~’, and the idiots who can’t tell if those comments are rubbish, light novels with scenes of completely naked people and no illustrations, and the collaborators rankings and the online rankings and the monitor rankings weightage of voting that keeps changing and the weightages are never officially made transparent and the stupid mass market that uses the voting results as gospel and the publishers who are corrupted by capitalism and use such rankings for promotions, I got a whole lot more things that I hate, but there’s too much for me to write them all down.[84]

GM: That’s a whole bunch of nonsense! Anyway, that last bit of your interest, likes and dislikes are just copied from yourself, right?

Tsukiko: I can’t?

GM: Not at all…the most important thing is whether you can get into your character, so this profile is all okay. Next, Miyako-san.

Miyako (Miyako): Mine’s not as detailed as Itsuki’s profile…eh, I’m the eldest daughter, and my name is derived from my actual name. I think I’m proficient at using offensive magic. Appearance-wise, I think it’s similar to Mikoto-chan.

Deathmask (Nayuta): Mya-san, isn’t your character age at 20? Mikoko-chan is a middle schooler…

Miyako: I-it’s just a concept. What’s wrong with that!?[85]

Sen (Chihiro): Eh, my turn now…I’m the third daughter, Sen. I’m a rogue. Appearance-wise…a-a cute girl. I-I have a ribbon on my head. Please take care of me.

Deathmask: And so, I’m the youngest daughter, the monk Deathmask. I have the appearance of a silver haired loli, but I have developed big breasts…anyway, we’re four sisters? Do we need a brother mixed in?

GM: You guys decided this yourself. Anyway, your name’s really unique.

Miyako: I guess the parents never loved the kid when they gave her the name Deathmask.

Tsukiko: How about we set it up such that we have other brothers, but that the girls at home are just used for political marriage.

Miyako: Erm, we’re the Midfield family, right? Best choice to leave from that kind of place.

GM: Once you’re done with your family background, let’s continue the story. The BGM will be changed according to region….it’s admirable that you guys left home, but after a long journey, you finally made it to this city, you spent every piece of silver you had, and are now penniless. You can’t find lodging, let alone continue on your travels. What next?[86]

Deathmask: No choice then…anyway, let’s forget about reality and enjoy ourselves with ecchi…Tsukiko onee-sama.

Tsukiko: Are you an idiot? Hey, stop clinging at my arm.

Sen: Deathmask-san’s way of life is so like Setsuna’s…what time is it now?

GM: Almost noon.

Sen: Then let’s find some work before the sun sets. Maybe we might get enough money to live in an inn.

Deathmask: You’re so reliable, Sen-chan. As to be expected of my older sister and future brother-in-law.

Miyako: How do we go about looking for work?

GM: Go to a bar or somewhere similar, and there’ll be a request board. You’re adventurers. You can go to the ruins to look for treasures or beat monsters to get materials and exchange them for money.

Sen: It does seem that we’re more likely to earn money by accepting requests.

Deathmask: I’m the type to wander around, see where I go, move where I go until everything gets wiped out..

GM: As I said, once you get wiped out in a TRPG, you can’t start over…eh, while you’re discussing what will happen, four men suddenly appear before you. Looking at them, it seems they’re also adventurers like you. These four men seem to have been drinking in broad daylight, and can’t even walk straight, “Hehehe, you gals look cute. Wanna drink together with us?”[87]

Tsukiko: Hm. Drinking out there in the day’s fine too…

GM: “Ehhehe, you’re the reasonable one, girl. How about it? Wanna have some drinks at the bar?”

Tsukiko: “Unfortunately, we don’t have any money on us. But in this Middle Ages world setting, there should be some ale in the bar…I wanna drink…”[88]

GM: “Right, the ale here is the best, you know? You’ll regret it if you don’t drink! Don’t worry about the money. Leave the bill to us!”

Tsukiko: What? Really!?

GM: “Of course, kekeke.”

Tsukiko: Then, if I can drink without paying, there’s no reason to say no. Alright, let’s go.

GM: “Kekeke. Drink up as much as you want.” “We’ll serve you the richest one of them off.”

Tsukiko: Gulps…then I’ll enjoy myself.

Sen: Wai, n-no—sister!!

Miyako: They’re obviously up to no good here, okay? Please don’t get tricked by them so easily![89]

Tsukiko: Wh-what!? Is this it?

GM: These guys were really drink off their minds. You really didn’t realize it there…aren’t you being too easy to believe…

Deathmask: Good thing senpai’s not a real girl…you nearly got milk dumped into your lower body by that man slut prince…though that might be interesting…

Tsukiko: Ugh, you guys dare to abduct me and do such an evil thing. Unforgivable! I’m going to crush you!

GM: Why are your words being so naturally like an eroge swordswoman…eh, “Oh? Wanna fight, girl?” The men show lewd smirks as they taunt you.[90]

Miyako: Of course we’re going to fight! We’re going to show these lowlifes who’s boss!

Sen: I don’t think now’s the time to waste on such useless fighting…ah, but it does seem like we can get money by defeating them…if they say they’re going to treat us to drinks, this means that they should have money.

GM: So Sen-chan’s just calmly planning to rob the valuables—she’s cute, but I never expected her to be so hard-boiled. Now then, you’re going to fight these drunk adventurers?

The players nodded, and Haruto changed to a battle BGM, took out a piece of paper and some mini figurines from his backpack. Those mini figurines were in armor and robes, wielding weapons like swords and staffs in hand, dressed in fantasy clothing. The papers are divided into ten x ten grids, and Haruto placed these mini figurines onto the piece of paper.[91]

“This is Tsukiko.”

The mini figurine representing Tsukiko was a knight equipped with shield and armor. (Hulking guy).

“This is Sen-chan.”

Representing Sen (with a really nice face) is a young girl wielding a bow and wearing light armor.

“This is Miyako.”

Representing Miyako is something that appeared to be a witch (and with a nice delicate face too.)

“This is Deathmask.”

Representing Deathmask is a hulking guy dressed in priest robes and raising a hammer.

“This is an old guy, right…?” “This Mozgus-sama looking priest is a young girl…?”[92]

While the players all looked somewhat perplexed, Haruto grimaced.

“This are borrowed from some foreign TRPG, don’t think too much into them…next, these guys are the enemies.”

Haruto brought out the male mini figurines wielding swords, and set them against the four sisters’ figurines.


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