Imouto sae ireba ii V1-C14 part3

“The battle shall be held on this ten x ten square map. Including enemies, there’ll be ‘movement’ and ‘actions’ starting from the character with the highest agility, and the objective is to win. ‘actions’ basically mean attacking using the stats given on the character sheets, or use items to heal. As the term implies, ‘movement’ means that you move to attack within range or attack the enemies from afar. The number of grids you can move is based on your agility stat. You can also do a hit and run by swapping the order around.”

“It’s similar to a simulation game, huh? Like ‘Fire Emblem’ or ‘Tactics Ogre’.” Nayuta said.

“Something like that.” Haruto nodded.

GM: Now then, let’s continue—“kekeke, let’s tell you what the reality is, you girls.” The men raised their weapons with lewd smiles. It appears that they have intention to strike. Of the enemies, Man A and C wield swords, B wields a knife, and D wields a bow.

Tsukiko: Let’s beat the shit out of you guys!

GM: Now then, battle start. We’ll start with the character with the highest agility, so in order, Sen, Tsukiko, Man B, Deathmask, Man A, Man C, Man D, Miyako. First, let’s start with Sen-chan.

Sen: Eh, then I’ll move a bit, and shoot the ‘bow’ at B guy that moves first.

GM: The accuracy of the bow is based on dexterity stat. Sen-chan, roll three dice.

Sen: Okay…five, four, five, total is 14.

GM: Now then, we need to add the different additional value for every skill…+5 to the bow, so 19. Nice, time to determine if B guy can dodge.

At this moment, Haruto took out a rectangular board, and placed it before him. The sides were folded in a N shape, so that it could stand up.

“What is that?” Miyako asked.

“It’s called a master screen. This thing is used to block out the enemy dice and the GM’s personal data, so that the players can’t see.”

Haruto said, and rolled the dice behind the screen.

GM: Man B failed to dodge. Sen-chan’s arrow hits successfully….and just to note, as the guys are all drunk, their dex and accuracy will be affected negatively.

Deathmask: So basically, you can hit them just by attacking randomly?

GM: Now then, it’s time to determine the damage of the arrow.

Sen: Roll one die, right? 4 plus 5, so 9.

GM: “Wahh!” Man B shrieked, but he didn’t lose all his combat ability.

Deathmask: We can’t tell how many HP the enemy has?

GM: Only can tell if the attack’s effective and the enemy’s weak. I can’t reveal the exact values.

Tsukiko: I see…now then, my turn. I’ll attack the Man B nearby with ‘flowing slash’. Accuracy is 3, 4, 6 + 8 equals 21. Die!

GM: 21?…should be a definite hit. Roll the dices for damage then.

Tsukiko: 4, 5 and 4 equals 14. Is he done?

GM: Unfortunately not.

Tsukiko: But the ‘flowing slash’ hit him!

GM: Now it’s time for Man B to attack. He slashes at Tsukiko before him. First, I’ll determine the accuracy for him…Tsukiko, use your dex to determine the dodge.

Tsukiko: 1, 2, 3…so little!

GM: The man’s attack hits Tsukiko. Damage is…ah, quite a high number, but Tsukiko has a buff against slash attacks, so multiplier is 0.7—so 7 points of damage. Please deduct 7 from the character HP value.

Tsukiko: Ugh, I won’t lose to such an attack!

GM: After the attack, Man B retreats back, and turn ends. Now, time for Deathmask.

Deathmask: Hmph! I can’t attack Man B now. Anyway, I’ll go behind Tsukiko onee-sama and inject this burning hot ‘heal’ deep into her body. Hoho, relax, onee-sama, it won’t hurt.

Tsukiko: Why does it sound so lewd from your mouth!?

Deathmask: I’m going to inject it all, so just count how many drops of water are there on the ceiling. I’m coming. Uu! I came…eh, 4+5 equals 9.

Tsukiko: Kuk, I recovered from the damage completely, but it feels like I lost something…

GM: Now then, A, C and D will take action. Can you last?

Men A, C, and D attack Tsukiko.

“Ugh, what are you bastards doing!?’

Tsukiko managed to dodge a slash by Man A, but due to bad luck, got hit by the sword of Man C and Man D.

Thanks to the defensive buff against slashes and piercing damage, he managed to limit the damage, but Itsuki’s HP was already left at half.

GM: “Kekeke. Surrender while you can, girl.”

Tsukiko: Too early! I won’t fall here…!

Deathmask: …If this was some eroge, the next part’s going to be the humiliation part. My heart’s racing.

Miyako: Right, my turn. What spell shall I use…

GM: The enemies are all gathered in front of Tsukiko. A ‘Fireball’ can hit all three.[93]

Miyako: Then, that!


The fireball released by Miyako exploded right between the trio A C D, and they all got hit for massive damage.

“I did it!”

“As to be expected of you, onee-sama.” “Not bad.”

Deathmask and Tsukiko gave praise, and on the other hand…

“It’s hot…! You angered me!”

“I’m gonna get serious here!”

Once the men understood that they should not underestimate the sisters, they sobered up.

GM: Now then, it’s Sen-chan’s turn to move next. Just to note, as they are now sober, the demerits are gone.

Sen: Understood. I’ll move to Nee-san and use a potion to heal her.

Tsukiko: Ah, thanks.

Sen: Eh, a potion’s recovery is 2D + 6, so—

GM: But the moment Sen-chan makes a move, the bottle breaks.[94]

Sen: Eh!?

GM: Sen’s unique skill…‘Jaldabaoth’ has the ability to erase all magic, and even a magic medicine, the potion is no exception.[95]

Sen: I can’t touch the bottle?

GM: There’s a unique spell on the bottle filled with the potion. There’s this addition room.

Deathmask: This is some evil game design there, man slut prince…

GM: This just shows that her ability is too strong that it has to be limited. Right, now Sen’s movements and actions are over. Time for Yukiko.

Sen: Sorry Nee-san…

Tsukiko: Don’t worry. We’ll just have to finish them off before we get finished!

Tsukiko sent the Man A flying with ‘shield bash’. Man A got damaged, but wasn’t beaten.

Man B, who retreated beforehand, again attacked Tsukiko before her, but this time, Tsukiko managed to block his attack successfully with a shield.

“As to be expected of you, onee-sama!”

Deathmask continued to cast the ‘heal’ spell, and Tsukiko’s HP recovered somewhat.

It was then A, C, and D’s turn to move. Man A, furious at being hit away, slashed at Tsukiko, but the latter managed to use the blade successfully, and parried it away.

“Damn it! Right, I’ll attack that girl wearing the light armor beside her!”

Man C raised his sword at Sen, who’s right beside Tsukiko.

A powerful blow, but the speed’s slow, so the nimble Sen should be able to dodge it easily.


GM: …This is bad. We have a critical hit.

Sen: Critical?

GM: Anything with more than two 6-rolls on the accuracy is considered a critical hit—the attack will hit, regardless of the dex value.

Sen: Eh!

GM: And the critical hit will have a damage bonus based on a level.

Sen: …

GM: So…Man C attacks Sen-chan, and hits. And the damage is…eh, sorry, 11 points. I think my roll’s too good here…sorry.

Sen: E-eleven points damage…eh, I only have 17 HP…left with 6…”

Miyako: She might die if another hit lands on her…

GM: Now then…Man’s D bowgun shall strike without mercy. Please determine the dex value.

Sen: …2, 2 and 4, so 8…! Is this enough…?

GM: Ah, too bad, it’ll hit.

Sen: This…

GM: Anyway, Tsukiko.

Tsukiko: Hm?

GM: You have the command to ‘protect’, and take the attack for a neighboring character. Your decision?

Tsukiko: …! Of course I’m doing it! I’ll protect my little sister!

GM; Right, so Tsukiko protects Sen, and takes 4 points of damage.

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