Imouto sae ireba ii V1-C14 part4

Tsukiko: This damage isn’t much. You alright, little sis?

Sen: Th-thanks brother…

Tsukiko: It’s the older brother’s job to protect the little sister…ah, I’m the older sister now[96]

Miyako: My turn now…anyway, let’s use a potion to recover all of Chihiro-kun’s HP.

Miyako used the potion on Sen, and Sen’s HP was completely restored.

On the next turn, Sen moved behind Tsukiko, and fired her bow at Man A.


With a shriek, Man A collapsed onto the floor.

“Finally got rid of one…!”

Itsuki used a potion on himself to recover, but he got attacked by Man B again, and took damage.

Deathmask: We’re just killing ourselves slowly if this keeps up. I feel that we need to wipe them all out with a powerful spell.

Miyako: My magic can attack multiple enemies at once, but I can’t possible wipe them all out, I guess.

Deathmask: Normally, this should be the case, but it should be possible with power up.

Miyako: Power up?

Deathmask: By using my unique skill ‘offering of the fallen angel’, I’ll be able to power up your skill greatly, Mya-san.

Miyako: W-wait a second! That move of yours needs you to do lewd things to increase the power, right!?[97]

Deathmask: We’ve got no other choice, onee-sama…![98]

Miyako: Even if you threaten me so directly, I won’t be fooled! There has to be some other way![99]

Deathmask: That’s not true. Do ecchi with me, Mya-san.

Miyako: You just find it fun!

Deathmask: It’s rare to have such a unique skill. Of course I have to try it out.

Miyako: I’ll just use the railgun instead! Surely I’ll be able to take down someone![100]

GM: Unfortunately, to fire a railgun…correction, a’ ‘Tall Ballet’, every shot will need a mithril silver coin.

Miyako: Mithril silver coin?

GM: It’s a coin made of a unique metal of a mysterious silver. It’s very rare, and naturally, you don’t have one at all.

Miyako: This…

Deathmask: So ecchi is the only way after all! Prepare yourself![101]

Miyako: I-I don’t want it! I want to offer my first to the one I like…!

Deathmask: You’re still pretending to a virgin at this point? What happened to the Mya-san who changed guys like clothes?

Miyako: Do-don’t say it like I’m a slut here! Anyway, isn’t Itsuki the one you like!? How can you fool around with others here!

Deathmask: Right now, I’m not that innocent girl whose heart will race and face will blush just by touching the fingers. I’m Deathmask-chan, a loli bitch who goes both ways.[102]

GM: Ah, and just to note, ‘offering of the fallen angel’ is a skill that needs skin contact, so just a kiss will do.[103]

Deathmask: Wh-what did you say…! Why did it end up with this childish setting…![104]

GM: We got people under 18 here. It’s necessary.[105]

Deathmask: Uu…man slut prince is actually so fussy…let’s kiss then, Mya-san.

Miyako: …Well, it’s just a kiss…it’s just a game…not a real kiss…

Deathmask: Then I’ll move to Mya-san and activate ‘offering of a fallen angel’. With her agreement, the skill naturally works. Tucking in, chuu—

MIyako: Wait! We don’t have to kiss for real![106]

Deathmask: Just kidding…the tongue of the young ten year old girl wraps around the soft lips of the twenty year old older sister, and reaches deep into the mouth. Their tongues wrap around in a lewd manner as they exchange fluids, and the moist, lewd sounds keep frolicking as Miyako onee-sama lets out a “nn…a, ahhh…❤” moan.[107]

Miyako: Wait, do-don’t make up my reaction here, okay!?

Deathmask: “Ehehe, onee-sama, you’re so cute…❤” Deathmask kept gobbling up Miyako’s tongue as she undid the sash of the latter’s robe. Miyako’s robe slides to the ground, revealing nice, smooth skin. “Kyaa, no, it’s embarrassing…!” Miyako stopped kissing, and a sticky string of fluid was pulled between their tongues. “No, we can’t do this.” Miyako blushed as she wanted to push the petite Deathmask aside, but it was so weak. “Fufu, you say no, onee-sama, but you really are looking forward to it, aren’t you?” Deathmask gives a mischievous smile as she reaches her hand towards Miyako’s undergarments, nimbly removing the bra and the shorts with one hand. After enjoying a thoroughly naked Miyako who’s shivering with fear and anticipation, Deathmask naturally removes her clothes and sucks at Miyako’s nipple, licking the tip with her tongue. “Ahh!” Miyako moaned out loud. “Hehehe. Are you enjoying this feeling? How erotic, onee-sama.” Deathmask continued to attack the nipple, touching her delicate fingers all over Miyako’s body, and Miyako’s made to let out auidble, cute moaning. Finally, the fingers are about to invade Miyako’s most sensitive part. “Onee-sama, you’re so wet and sticky here. How are you so lewd?” Miyako appeared to be left for dead, panting blankly as she begs Deathmask, “I can’t take it anymore…!”[108]

Miyako: I can’t take it anymore…![109]


A thoroughly blushing Miyako slapped Nayuta on the head.

“…It hurts, Mya-san.”

Nayuta flatly stated, her face still somewhat red.

“Uu…I just said a kiss is fine, you idiot…”[110]

With a teary look, Nayuta gave Miyako a sneaky grin.

“It’s your fault for being so perverted, onee-sama…anyway, someone could have stopped us. I couldn’t figure out where to stop. I didn’t know what to do.”[111]

As for the other three, Chihiro was blushing furiously, and lowered her head without saying anything. Itsuki and Haruto was completely engrossed in Nayuta’s own story, their faces red as their hearts pounded.[112]

“…Anyway, I didn’t expect you to be able to come up with such a lewd passage.”


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