Imouto sae Ireba Ii V1-C11

Valentine’s EX (For Fuwa Haruto with a Tsundere Little Sister)

On February 14th, while the sky was about to darken.

Haruto escaped from the drunk Toki Kenjirou, left Itsuki’s room, and returned home, scenting upon a sweet smell.

It was the same smell he came upon in Itsuki’s apartment—the scent of chocolate.


Haruto felt intrigued, went over to the kitchen, and found his little sister busy making something.

“Fufu. Preparations are complete! Erm, now then, time to add cocoa powder—”

“…What are you doing?”


Haruto called out, and his little sister turned around sheepishly.

The apron she was decked in was covered in black substance, dirty all over, and even her face was the same.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-why did you come back at this time! You stupid brother!”

While his little sister was blushing and stammering,

“Ahh!? What’s that got to do with me coming back early?”

“Of course there is, you idiot! Aren’t you out drinking at your friend’s place? Don’t you come back late every time you go out drinking?”

“You’re noisy…is me coming back early stopping you from doing something?”

“Ah? O-of course not. I just find you to be an eyesore at home.”

“Really? Then I’ll be going around looking for an apartment to move to.”

Haruto really thought so as he said this, and his little sister clearly got more agitated.

“Huh? Of-of course that won’t do, you idiot! You can’t possibly survive alone!”

“I can live well, okay?”

“Anyway, no means no! And if you’re going to move out, who’s going to write my assignments and be my gofer to the convenience store!”

“Leaving aside going to the convenience store, you should be doing your own homework…”

Through past experiences, Haruto knew that there would not be a conclusion if he continued to argue about moving out. Thus, he decided to have a change in topic.

His vision drifted towards at the cooking table behind his little sister. There were several small round rolled bits of chocolates, a bowl with bits of melted chocolate sticking onto it, and a bag of cocoa powder.

“…You’re making obligatory chocolates?”

“Y-yeah. So?”

“Not that you can’t…but why now? It’s Valentine’s Day today.”

And it was almost night. It was already a day too late to be making chocolates.

“I-it’s not like I want to give this chocolate on Valentine’s! I just saw some TV specials and my friends giving chocolates, so I thought of making chocolates myself.”


It might be too much of a hassle to make chocolate, but Haruto could understand the urge to eat after seeing the chocolates others have.

“…Right. I hope you can make some delicious chocolate. Well, it’s hard to fail in making obligatory chocolates.”

“Th-that goes without saying, right!? How can I possibly fail at making it over and over again! Of course I’ll make it super good!”

And then, the little sister lowered her head slightly.

“On-once I’m done, I can share some of it with you, Onii.”

“Ah~ I don’t want it. I got mine.”

Haruto raised the paper bag of chocolates he received in Itsuki’s apartment, and his little sister widened her eyes, clearly looking rattled.

“W-who gave them to you?”

“My readers. They’re sent to the editorial branch, specified for me.”

Haruto noted gleefully, and his sister bared her fangs, pouting unhappily.

“M-my chocolate’s way better!”

She growled, grabbed some cocoa powder, and messily scattered it all over the chocolates.


The little sister grabbed one, and stuffed it into the mouth of the confused Haruto. Left with no choice, Haruto could only lick it, and gnash it with his mouth.

“How about that!”

“…Just normal, I guess.”

Haruto answered his glaring little sister, and the latter looked dejected, slamming her apron onto the floor.

“Stupid brother. You big stupid. Now I don’t want to eat chocolate because of you. Take responsibility and eat them all.”


“You hear me!? Eat them all!”

After making such an unreasonable demand, the little sister stormed out of the kitchen without giving Haruto any chance to grumble.

Haruto looked vexed as he stared at the chocolate dumped onto the chopping board, and reluctantly popped one into his mouth. As expected, the taste was erratic.

There were at least ten obligatory chocolates that had cocoa powder scattered over them. Unfortunately, it seemed the chocolates sent by the fans would have to wait starting tomorrow.

As he quietly ate the chocolates, Haruto again thought,

—As expected, little sisters aren’t a good thing.


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