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About this author, Kani Nayuta.

“‘The reason why novels are created and read, is because it is a form of protest to life, which can only be lived once’. This quote came from Kitamura Kaoru, but one aspect of Kani Nayuta’s ‘Scenery’ series is basically, ‘for the author to experience a different life’, and that nobody can follow this. The setting of this series is in modern Japan, and though somewhat surreal, there is nothing too outstanding in the setting. There are also few drastic fluctuations in mood of the story, none of the characters in the story have the heroic characteristics every light novel reader likes, and they are all characters with obvious flaws. However, readers unwittingly view every character as ‘another me’, and put themselves into the shoes. They are immersed in the world of the work, as though a spell had been casted upon them. Besides this powerful, vivid presentation, the work is filled with lots of unique descriptions called ‘Kani vocabulary’. It is a unanimous fact that it enhanced the immersion experience of the readers, but what causes the readers to be so fanatical is not simply the power of the exposition. The image of the characters, the positioning, relationships, settings, writing, and so on forms a miraculous balance that blends all the elements together, crafting a magic that cannot be analyzed. Others tried analysis the elements of ‘Scenery’ and tried to reconstruct it, but it is unlikely for anyone to replicate the same magic again. The ‘Scenery’ series is a rare topseller in recent years, but there are no plans to adapt it into a different medium, like manga and anime, or even a live-action, probably because of this reason. It might not be hyperbole to say that reading the ‘Scenery’ series is basically experiencing a different life. Also, that is an experience that can only be gained by reading the novels penned by Kani Nayuta.”

Written by: Ikeda.

“Can’t use this one.”

The chief editor read Ikeda’s draft, and immediately rejected it.

It’s the editorial branch of the weekly magazine ‘Leonardo’.

Ikeda’s a rookie columnist with almost a year of experience, and was in charge of introducing novels.

“…I can’t?”

And he gave the chief editor a disappointed look.

“Well, it’s not like I can’t understand what you’re trying to get at.”


“…But this entire column is too subjective. Basically, you’ve been praising how amazing this novel is, like magic. And the reason why there hasn’t been a cross-media work is just your own guess…well, it’s not like I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at.”

The chief editor repeated those words again.

“So I’m rejecting this one. The only readers who can roughly understand what you’re trying to get at are basically those that read the ‘Scenery’ series. This column is supposed to be for introducing works. You have to write down the parts that are amazing charming, and make sure those who never read it can understand. I know this request is very difficult though.”

“Yeah, it really is…”

Ikeda lowered his head dejectedly, got ready to return to his seat, and turned to face the chief editor.

“…Oh yeah, you think the ‘Scenery’ series can be adapted into a different medium, chief?”

“There’s still no details to the plan now. There will be many offers though, for sure.”

“I guess.”

“…Well, I do agree that it’s hard to replicate the atmosphere in the book elsewhere. Perhaps this is the reason why it hasn’t been adapted.”

It all went back to when the second volume of the ‘Scenery’ series was released into the market.

Kani Nayuta learned from her editor-in-charge Yamagata that there were many offers to adapt the work into different mediums.

There were numerous offers to adapt it into manga, anime, anime movies, live action dramas or live action movies. Included amongst them were famous animator studios known for producing bestselling works, and several major award-winning movie directors.

“Looking from the publisher’s perspective, it’s best if you can have it adapted into something else.”

“Nn~ but if I do it, I’ll get really busy, right?”

Nayuta noted casually, asking Yamagata with a void gaze.

“Of course…you need to check the names and script, and you have a lot more interviews to attend.”

“Then I don’t want to.”

“Wa-that’s too fast! It’s a great chance to promote your work.”

Yamagata tried to coax Nayuta, but the latter hid her blushing face, clearly bashful.

“But…if I get busy, the time I can get to meet Itsuki-senpai will be less, right?”

After that, for an hour or so, Yamagata tried to persuade Nayuta, but the latter just would not agree, and he could only give up. He could tell that the more he tried to persuade, the more Nayuta was peeved, and if he kept persuading her, her relationship with the publisher would be fractured beyond repair. Also, Yamagata himself too felt that other media forms would be unable to replicate the charm of ‘Scenery’.

—But even so, it was a pity.

Nayuta declared that she was going to look for Itsuki, and skipped out of the editorial branch. Yamagata watched her leave, and wondered,

It was the perfect chance to raise the prestige of the work and Nayuta, but the latter rejected it flatly as she did not want to decrease the amount of time she would spend with the boy she liked. That Hashima Itsuki—if not that that perverted gone case of a siscon author…but despite this, and in the end, without Itsuki, it was impossible for Nayuta to become an author.

Ahh, why did the heavens give such a coveted talent to such a lovestruck girl? Fate really has a cruel sense of humor. With Nayuta-like talent, surely he would create a revolution in the world of literature…so Yamagata, once an aspiring author, lamented.

Whenever he had such a thought, the one remedy would be to read Kani Nayuta’s works.

After experiencing a different life through other means, through the eyes of a third person who was bothered with insignificant burdens and troubles, Yamagata would recover and face the reality that belonged to him again.


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